As indicated by the more than 20-year history, due to the successful implementation of its business philosophy, the company MOLITAS Ltd. has become a significant supplier in the area of polyurethane foams for different market segments, but especially in the area of upholstered furniture production in Central Europe

The company philosophy consists in:

  • being a long-term and reliable partner for its suppliers and customers
  • being a partner located close to the production plants of his customers
  • being a partner providing a stable and proven quality while bringing innovative solutions
  • most of all being a partner delivering comprehensive system solutions in all key areas of your business

The company is fully aware of its responsibility for environment:

  • it observes the principles of protecting the environment in order to preserve it for future generations
  • it takes preventive measures to protect environment from pollution
  • it disposes of the waste of its own production and production of its customers
  • it separates and recycles the waste
  • it cooperates with state and public administration authorities competent in the field of environment protection

The Company appreciates and respects the community environment where it operates and therefore it develops relations with respective municipalities, governments, associations and residents, it promotes cultural events and sports activities, it supports e.g. building of the church in the village. And it also organizes other than working activities for its employees and their families.



Company MOLITAS Ltd was established by three partners in 1994 in Skalité, a municipality located in the Czech-Polish-Slovak border region. Initially, the company dealt exclusively with trading activities in cooperation with the manufacturing facility of the company British Vita in Poland. In 1996, following the purchase of the first PUR foam cutting machine, the company started changing its character from trading to a manufacturing company.
molitas budova historiaThe company moved to its new premises in the municipality of Raková in 1999. During the following years, the company invested to the building of production halls and office premises. Ten years after the company establishment, its owners decided to open another production factory in the municipality of Veľké Turovce located in the Hungarian-Slovak border region. This huge step together with the company business strategy resulted in gaining importance within the scope of the whole Central Europe. In the same year of 2004,a daughter company was established as ALLTACK, Ltd. – focusing on the offer of upholstery materials and technologies, in particular adhesives, polyester fleece, corrugated springs and non woven materials.

Following the same business strategy resulted in the expansion of the company to the Czech Republic, where the company PURETA Ltd., a traditional Czech manufacturer of PUR foams, started its financial involvement in the company in 2005. Due to this acquisition, the company MOLITAS Ltd confirmed its objective of becoming a Central European supplier, since the manufacturing plant PURETA Ltd is located in the region of the Austrian-Czech-Slovak border. A year later, in 2006, another daughter company MOLITAS CZECH Ltd with a production hall in Jaroměř was established. This subsidiary provides its services to the customers in the Polish and German markets.

By establishing the company MOLITAS TECHNOLOGY Ltd in 2010, the company entered into a new market segment – automotive industry and thus became an indirect supplier of adhesive systems for the VW Group, specifically for the production plants of ŠKODA AUTO. In 2012, a new manufacturing plant PURETA Ltd was opened in Hodonin where the production focuses on semi-products. The purchase of a production hall in 2015 and the construction of the new building in 2016 has meant a significant increase of the MOLITAS Ltd production capacities in the area of Veľké Turovce focusing mainly on the Austrian, Hungarian and Romanian markets.