Wide range of products in the form of bag fillings, cases and boxes, packaging for electronic devices with protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), single or circulating transport packaging and containers to protect any product against mechanical damage.

Medical devices and wellness
As human health is the highest value, the products meet the highest requirements on safety, comfort and care and comply with the needs of patients in difficult situations. The typical products falling into this category involve anti decubitus ulcers mattress, rehabilitation aids, special pads, massaging tables, wheelchairs, etc.

Sport and Hobby
Together with booming active life, there is an increase in the options for the use of foams in sports or other leisure activities. Everyone must have met these materials as they can be found e.g. in mats, landing pits, fitness machines, training devices, filling clothes and sports equipment, protective elements, toys etc.

Outdoor and filtration
Development and usage of special foams has enabled their penetration into the areas where they are exposed to difficult conditions or bad weather, such as garden furniture, water, air and ceramic filters and the like.

Cleaning and washing
Perhaps the best-known way of using our products are cleaning sponges for households as well as sponges suitable for washing and polishing for industrial purposes.

Seals and gaskets
This area offers countless possibilities for use in various industries. The most commonly used type of insulation and gaskets involve acoustic, thermal-acoustic, heat and vibration, and typical applications - recording studios, equipment, vehicles, buildings and structures, flooring, medical equipment, air conditioning and thermoregulation equipment etc.