All companies associated in the MOLITAS GROUP cooperate with leading European producers of machinery and equipment, they use proven tools, apply the most advanced software and implement the latest knowledge in the field of polyurethane foams processing. Together with experienced and highly qualified staff, the companies introduce reliable means of production through which our business partners can profit from the optimal solutions we provide them with.

Cutting of programmed shapes and patterns by means of circulating or oscillating tools. Optimization of production processes by nesting.

Cutting simple products and plates in large quantities.

Manufacturing of three-dimensional parts by means of one manufacturing operation on the profiling rollers. Unique shapes and geometry.

Manufacture of extremely accurate and very small products without the need for production and use of special tools.

Technology of repeated or mass production of the same products with high efficiency.

Drilling holes by special tools without the need for special cutting foam. Options to set the diameter of the holes to be drilled.

After-treatment of semi products to achieve the desired shape.

More options of gluing, e.g. manual bonding or gluing on automated lines. The used glues are on water and solvent base or on hot-melt base.

Technology used to produce sheet, strip or die-cut parts with self adhesive layer protected by release paper. Self-adhesive systems can be applied to various materials such as polyurethane foam, latex, micro porous rubber, and the like.

Improving the properties of polyurethane foams under the pressure of rotating cylinders which changes a closed cell structure to open cell structure.

Production of regular or irregular bars on cutting machines or production of polyurethane brash on shredders.

Sewing of cell and cell free pillows from different materials and with different fillers intended for upholstery and decorative purposes or for sleeping.

Manufacture of flat and hollow polyester PES fiber and sillicone balls used as filler materials.